Design Portfolio - There are twelve segments to Bunker's design and art portfolio.

Image Set 1
Automotive Design
Exterior design images of production and advanced concept vehicles.

Image Set 2
Automotive Interior Design
Interior design images of production and advanced concept interiors and seats.

Image Set 3
Outlines the design process of creating prototype vehicles, e.g. hybrid electrics.

Image Set 4
Truck Designs
Truck and truck accessory designs.

Image Set 5
Aircraft Interior Designs
Advanced concept proposals for production business jets; includes engineering concepts and seat design.

Image Set 6
Industrial Product Design
Design sketches and images of toy and vehicle projects.

Image Set 7
Architectural Spaces
Photos, plans and illustrations of architectural projects.

Image Set 8
A range of fashion sketches, photos and projects; including Bunker's fashion label BHR - Bunker Hill Rocks.

Image Set 9
Textile Design
A range of colorful and creative textile designs for fashion and home decor clients.

Image Set 10
Corporate Image
Corporate branding, logos and image campaigns for leading companies.

Image Set 11
Art Gallery
Color, art and movement characterize this varied gallery of Bunker's work.

Image Set 12
Race car graphics, art and racing cars designed by Bunker Bradley.

Slideshow - All Image Sets
This slide show progresses through the twelve segments of Bunker's Design and Art Portfolio,or you can select specific segments to view.